Wednesday Workshop: Asymmetrical Bezels

One of my great struggles in beadwork is to resist the lure of symmetry. Sharp-cornered crystals and reliable Delicas tempt me to make all my jewelry geometric and regular. Safe. But great jewelry is rarely if ever safe, so I keep an eye out for things that will push me into new and chaotic places.

Take these lovely opal earrings by designer Colette:

Three-stone earrings. A mid-size round green opal hangs above a small light green opal. Deep blue tear-shaped opals dangle below, with offset clusters of yellow diamonds.

Opals, with their swirling rainbows and iridescence, are naturally resistant to symmetry. The pattern of these earrings is simple and regular — a pair of round stones with a drop pendant — but the asymmetrical bezels keep the viewer’s eye guessing, making the overall effect incredibly dynamic. The┬ásmall yellow stones stand out by virtue of their contrasting hue, and their clustering keeps the regularity from becoming staid.

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