Cactus Bracelet

Been too long since my last post: things in the writing job and the making-stuff world have kept me busy! I’m putting together a page for free patterns that I hope to set up later this summer, and there are a few other Sekrit Projects in the works, but in the meantime let me show you some of what I’ve been working on. It’s titled the Cactus Bracelet, because it’s green and a bit spiky.CactusBracelet
The colors are brighter and the gradients much smoother in person. As you know if you’ve read the blog before, color is something I’ve been trying to think more consciously about, and this piece has absolutely gorgeous color. I made sure to push myself out of my comfort zone — whenever I’m trying a new palette, I find myself trying to stay monochrome, as though keeping my beads in the same hue family will keep me from making mistakes. In fact, it usually just makes the finished piece look monotone and unimpressive. So I had a whole variety of greens, golds, and turquoises to hand when making this, and reminded myself to go for contrast rather than matchy-matchy.

It worked!

And now, back to the word mines. But keep an eye out for a Wednesday Workshop next week! I’m bringing it back.

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